We genuinely believe that for professional Estate Planners we are the best Trust provider in the country and here’s why.

Promoting our Partners

Spicer Finch works exclusively with introducers and we don’t take instructions directly from the public so, any enquiry we receive, we refer to an introducer Partner.


Drafting legal documents is all we do and we do it well. 95% of the documents we draft are Lifetime Trusts. This enables us to drive efficiency into the process and good value into our costing structure.

Service Standards

98.5% of our Trusts are delivered within the 14 day service standard.

Solution Based Pricing

Simple pricing structure that fits with the way you work. We don’t price per Trust or pilot Trust, we price for the solution the client needs.


No templates. Each Trust is drafted specifically to suit the client’s needs by experienced Barristers.


To find out more about working with Spicer Finch, call us on: 

0345 548 1233 or email: [email protected]