Expertise, Quality, Certainty & Value

Why do so many professional Estate Planners use Spicer Finch?

Unlike a Will, the production of a Trust is a ‘reserved legal activity’ and has to be completed by either a Solicitor or Barrister in practice.

We believe that the Trust Drafting Service we provide is the best available based on four main points.

Dedicated expertise

Quality & Service

Protection & Certainty.

Cost & Value

Dedicated Expertise

Spicer Finch works with other independent, experienced Barristers and a national network of Estate Planners. Trusts are our speciality and our primary focus.

Providing clients with a tailor made Lifetime Family Trust makes up about 95% of what we do and we have supplied thousands.

Quality & Service

Not many legal practitioners would state that the production of Trust Deeds is their firm’s speciality and primary focus. In fact, some often use ‘Template’ Trust Deeds for all clients giving them a limited choice.

However, it is our belief that it is not something that should be provided on a “one size fits all” basis. For that reason, we provide our Estate Planning Partners with a client questionnaire that enables them to explore exactly what it is that their client wants to achieve and to take into account their own personal and sometimes unique circumstances.

The experienced Barrister who drafts the Trust is made fully aware of what the client wants to achieve and will draft a Trust Deed specifically for that client.

Cost & Value

You would be forgiven for assuming that using a Barrister rather than a Solicitor would be more expensive as it is a common misconception.

Up until a few years ago, Barristers could not work directly for the general public; the client’s Solicitor would bring them in to deliver expert legal assistance. In essence, the relationship was that the Solicitor would be the retailer of the Law and the one charging the client whilst the Barrister was the wholesaler providing the service to the Solicitor.

Remembering that drafting Trusts is a reserved legal activity, Spicer Finch provide professional Estate Planners with the ability to acquire Trusts for their clients directly from a Barrister under the ‘Direct access’ rules, therefore eliminating the surplus solicitor costs.