Estate Planning

Making plans to ensure that our loved ones are taken care of once we have gone and making sure that they get the maximum benefit from the assets we want to leave them, is one of the most important things we will ever do. Good advice is essential to ensure your wishes will be respected.

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 Why use a Trust?

Because life is full of What ifs. It’s a sad, but all too common fact, that thousands of families every year suffer Sideways Disinheritance, thousands of pounds are needlessly deducted from loved ones’ inheritance and there are unnecessary delays

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 Trusts Explained

Popular with the aristocracy and very wealthy for centuries but, everyone who wants to be sure that their loved ones’ inheritance is protected from loss or dilution should at least consider including a Trust as well as a Will within their Estate Planning.

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 Why use us?

We specialise in the provision of Lifetime Protection Trusts and Estate Planning products. We believe that our expertise provides the greatest level of protection and certainty

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Having made a Will with a local Solicitor a few years ago, I was staggered to discover just how at risk my children’s inheritance still was. I don’t think any family could expect to escape all of the things that would cause a loss of inheritance.

I can’t thank Paul who advised me and Spicer Finch enough for protecting my family and me, for saving us so much money and for giving me the peace of mind I now have."

Mrs Stead

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